Life Source Water faqs

Life Source Water FAQs

About our Outstanding Delivery Service

How can I sign up for service?

First off thank you for looking into supporting the Local company.  You can call us at 717-225-8925 or email us at  You can also fill out the contact us form.

Due to raising diesel cost we charge a small delivery fee to help off set the price of diesel.  The fee is still less than our competitors.

Here at Life Source Water Service we are dedicated to save paper so we send your invoice by email the day after your delivery.

Customer Service is available 8:30am – 4:30pm and will be able to help with any questions.

Here at Life Source Water Service we do not require any type of long-term commitment. Most cusomters are on a month-to-month arrangement. We want to earn your business and Not lock you into any Contract.

Residential accounts are billed via credit card.  Commercial accounts can use a check, credit card or EFT.

Call us immediately and we will get you water as soon as we can.

We can leave the bottles or cases wherever is best for you.